Meet Dawn: A Fighter for You

I’ve gained a reputation for being “feisty” and “stubborn,” and let me tell you, it’s spot on. My name is Dawn Chanet Collins and I’ve always fought for my community and my family. As a survivor of domestic abuse, I know what it's like to have to fight against a force that's trying to harm you and your children. My fighting spirit, and my village of support, helped protect my family and motivated me to earn my bachelors and masters degrees while raising my two sons, Daylin and Chauncey, as a single mom. As your next State Representative, you can count on me to bring that fighting spirit to the Capitol as I fight for you, our children, and for our community.

As Vice President of East Baton Rouge’s School Board, I fought against crony corruption, wasteful spending, and profiteering off of our children’s education. I fought to keep our public education democratically controlled, to pay our teachers better, and to invest in our schools’ buildings and programming..

I fought to get our schools $15 million to implement creative sciences and arts magnet programming, and I made sure those resources were leveraged for ALL students. I fought to make sure that all of our flooded schools were renovated so that our children could learn in safe classrooms. And when Exxon wanted tax breaks at the expense of our school system, I fought back to make sure they contributed their fair share to our children’s education.
But my fight goes beyond our schools. When police said Victor White III committed suicide by shooting himself in the chest while handcuffed in the back of their police car, I stood side by side with his father as he fought for justice. During the push for Medicaid Expansion, when thousands of our neighbors’ lives were on the line, I kept fighting for us in the face of a state government that refused to prioritize peoples’ health. When Walmart workers marched and fought for a living wage, I marched and fought alongside them. And as special interests seek to privatize and demoralize our public schools, I’ve been fighting to keep our schools publicly controlled and well-resourced.
I grew up in East Baton Rouge, attended what’s now called Liberty Magnet High School, and then earned degrees from Southern University and A&M College. I raised my two sons, Daylin and Chauncey, here while getting my bachelor’s and master’s degree, and am now GiGi to the most charming five-year old on this side of heaven, equal only to your grandson. I love this community and am running for District 101 State Representative because, just as I've brought in millions of dollars in programming and building improvements to all the schools in my school board district, I can do more for our families and neighborhoods as our next State Representative.
Dawn and her lineage
Dawn and Edin standing 2

As Your State Representative I Will...

- Work to ensure our communities are safe from all kinds of violence, whether that be from crime or police brutality. At the Capitol, I will fight to make sure that police are held accountable when they not only fail to keep us safe, but actually endanger us, our children, and our neighbors. I believe the best way to make our communities safe is to ensure our neighbors’ needs–jobs, food, and housing– are met.

- Fight for better jobs that pay a living wage. Just like I fought for Walmart workers demanding fair pay, I’ll fight for each and every East Baton Rouge Parish resident working to provide for themselves and their family. I’ll stand up to corporate interests and demand accountability.

- Invest in community-centered economic development. On the school board, I found a $15 million opportunity for our children, and I will keep finding those economic opportunities for our people. By listening to you, my constituents, not corporate interests, we will create more business and economic opportunities to keep our community growing and flourishing.

- Take our fight for an exceptional education system where all learners can thrive and teachers, students, and families are treated with dignity and respect to the Capitol. I’ll continue to protect our education system from corporate interests and fight to ensure our children’s futures aren’t sold to the highest bidder.

- Stand up for the residents of East Baton Rouge Parish and demand adequate infrastructure funding that protects our homes and livelihoods from flooding, maintains our roads and bridges, and creates a safe and healthy environment.

I Believe East Baton Rouge is
Worth Fighting For

I know you believe that your family and your community are worth fighting for. I certainly do. That's why I've dedicated my life to fighting against a corrupt system that profits off the backs of our children. It's a hard fight. But on the days where I feel like quitting, I look at my children, my grandchild, and my community and I remember our community is worth fighting for. If you feel the same way, then join me in this fight and vote for me, Dawn Chanet Collins, to be your District 101 State Representative.


  • Southern University Law Center – Juris Doctorate Candidate, May 2022
  • Southern University and A&M College –Master of Public Administration, 2010
  • Southern University and A&M College – Bachelor of English Liberal Arts, 2001
  • Robert E. Lee High School – Class of 1994 (The name of this school has since been changed. However, I site the name as it appears on my diploma to never forget the significant history it represented at the time I graduated, during the middle of East Baton Rouge’s desegregation order.)


  • 2011, Trainer at Power Shift, a national training event for Climate Action in Washington D.C.
  • 2012 – 2016, East Baton Rouge Parish Executive Committee, Chairwoman
  • 2012 – 2018, Louisiana Democratic State Central Committee, Executive Committee Member
  • 2013, Award for Leadership in Leading Women of East Baton Rouge Parish in Their Fight for Education, Justice, and Mankind from East Baton Rouge Federation of Teachers
  • 2013 – 2016, East Baton Rouge Parish Board of Elections Supervisors, appointed by the EBR Democratic Parish Executive Committee
  • 2016, Governor John Bel Edward’s Transition Team
  • 2016 – 2021, East Baton Rouge Parish Board of Elections Supervisors, appointed by Governor John Bel Edwards
  • 2016, Outstanding Support and Partnership Award from Belaire Magnet High School
  • 2016, Award of Appreciation for Raising Funds for the Belaire Band to Perform in the D-Day Parade in Normandy France
  • 2017, Mayor Sharon Weston Broome’s Transition Team on Women’s Issues
  • 2017, Award to Outstanding Democrats in Recognition of Their Contributions from the Louisiana High School Democrats