Our children deserve the absolute best–quality schools filled with top-notch teachers and the resources our children need to learn–and I won’t stop fighting until each of our children gets the education they deserve. Our school systems should provide options without privatizing school services in ways that also lessen families’ democratic control over their children’s education. For too long charter schools have provided little-to-no return on investment despite yielding great returns to private companies off the backs of our children.  As your State Representative I will: 

  • Stand up to corporate charter schools looking to profit off the backs of our children while providing substandard education
  • Work to ensure universal access to pre-K 
  • Fight for proper funding of our state’s historically Black colleges and universities (HBCUs) 
  • Focus on ensuring districts properly allocate resources, including staff and money, to our most under-resourced schools 
  • Support non-traditional education including apprenticeship programs and trade education


We deserve vibrant and thriving communities full of opportunity for our families and our neighbors. To achieve this, economic development should be centered on the needs of the community and on creating and retaining good jobs. As your next State Representative I will: 

  • Work to secure needed resources for a revitalized arts, culture, and industry district
  • Strengthen partnerships with existing entities that already do amazing work to support new and growing businesses like Southern University’s College of Business, the Louisiana Small Business Development Center, initiatives from city-parish government, and more
  • Work to expand programs like the Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) that works to ensure all businesses, especially minority-owned, woman-owned, and veteran-owned small businesses, have a fair chance at government contracting opportunities 
  • Fight to repeal the state’s minimum wage preemption laws so that municipalities can set their own minimum wage in accordance with the local cost of living 


As a domestic abuse survivor, I am committed to ensuring each and every one of my neighbors lives without fear of violence. Together, as a community we can make our neighborhoods safer by eliminating crimes of desperation by ensuring folks’ basic needs are met. By reducing the number of folks who enter the criminal legal system where they face unmanageable fines and fees, traumatizing jails, and isolation, we can strengthen the social fabric of our communities and reduce overall crime. As your next State Representative I will: 

  • Work to end the money bail system that makes the presumption of innocence only available to those who can afford it 
  • Hold officers accountable when they abuse their power and build trust between law enforcement and the communities they serve 
  • Fight for the resources our community needs so that folks dealing with substance abuse and mental illness get the help they need rather than being locked up


Infrastructure plays a key role in the health of our economy, quality of life, and sustainability of our region. We deserve safety from street flooding, dependable and affordable broadband internet access, and complete streets that are safe for drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians. As your next State Representative I will: 

  • Work to build statewide connectivity in a public-private partnership, helping under resourced communities in both urban and rural areas, where taxpayers own the infrastructure and can keep costs down while we benefit from the expertise of already existing providers 
  • Secure necessary state funding to aggressively tackle our region’s flooding issues and work to ensure new construction and the maintenance of our existing infrastructure takes into consideration climate change
  • Support the long overdue establishment of an inter-city rail system between Baton Rouge and New Orleans increasing economic opportunity and strengthening our economic, social, and cultural bonds throughout the region